Things To Look For To Modify Your Car To Be A Caravan

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Modifying a vehicle into a caravan or campervan is already done a little abroad.

However, in Indonesia, only a handful of circles have worked on the modification for the need for a picnic or a long trip.

The cost of modification and maintenance costs that are relatively expensive are the reasons why the trend of traveling using caravans or campervans has not been so popular carried out by individuals in Indonesia.

However, in fact, there have been a number of companies that have been serving vehicle modifications to be used as ‘luxury walking hotels’. One of them is PT Bahana Selaras aka Baze, based in Gunung Putri, Bogor.

So, how does the vehicle modification become a luxury campervan?

Panca, Head of Marketing of PT BAHANA SELARAS / Baze, wrote the first thing that must be ignored before modifying a car into a caravan is to choose the right type of car. Because, in fact, in Indonesia, there are no vehicle-specific caravans.

Usually, said Paca, the appropriate vehicle is transformed into a caravan, which has a large body like a big bus, bus, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, or Toyota HiAce.

“That’s actually a very important stage. Regarding the interior, modifications can be made like any consumer will. For example, using a bus with a capacity of 50 seats can be transformed into a luxury caravan with a capacity of only 10 or 15 people, “he explained.

In addition, when modifying, which of course must be a priority is a matter of security. “We have to think about how to keep the vehicle safe while walking, or stop.”

A design must be designed so that passengers remain safe even though they are inside a toilet or bedroom, or a meeting room when the vehicle is in progress or in a traffic jam. Modifiers must still take a seat or passenger seat with a seat belt.

Cool Caravan

One more thing, in campervan or motorhome cars, modifiers always spend extra electricity from the generator. So, even if the car is in a dead situation, air conditioning, television, and different things can still be lit.

Panca wrote in Indonesia, modifications to karvan often have more characteristics such as motorhome or location to walk. Its capacity depends on consumer demand. Any car can actually be used, but it’s better to have a large cabin space.

Facilities that are not in demand are often in the form of bedrooms, meeting rooms, karaoke rooms, and toilets. Many consumers use buses, medium buses and big buses to be used as VIP vehicles. Inside, a captain seat can be rotated, a sofa and toilet.

“So far, there have been at least a few modifications from individuals, but there are also companies. Usually from celebrities, officials, political parties, or travel agents. Its use is at least a little for tourist trips. If the order itself is at least a little still dominated by consumers in Jabodetabek, but not a few are also from Makassar, Bali, and Medan, “he said.

Just a TIP AND TRICKS if you want to modify the car into a caravan, Panca recommends listening to the type of cashier contained in the vehicle. If you have just consulted what the design looks like and for what purposes. Because each consumer has different propositions and needs in modifying the vehicle into a caravan.

“There are those who are intended to take a walk or motorhome, some are for other purposes. If you have assessed what your needs are, then you can see what type of stool is the right one, what is the capacity of the passenger, whether there is a bedroom, the bathroom, etc., “he said.

Regarding modification costs, Panca stated that each caravan has different costs depending on the designation. In addition, he wrote that there were no exclusive licenses needed to MODIFY the vehicle into a caravan around not changing the exterior format of the vehicle.

Based on information from Panca, the trend of vehicle modification into a caravan in the future will be increasingly popular in Indonesia. Moreover, the community needs for traveling are increasingly high.

“Modification needs for individual segments are increasingly high. Many people are dissatisfied solely with standard cars, so they want to be modified to match their desires. So, the market in Indonesia has actually begun to take shape, “he explained.

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